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Dr Claire Hayes

Clinical Psychologist, Educational Psychologist; Occupational Psychologist, Executive Coach (PhD, MSc, B.Ed.)

Choose Well

Dr. Claire Hayes is very proud to have worked with Aware as a member of its Board of Directors (2007–2011) and as Clinical Director (2011-2017) and continues to be hugely supportive of its work. Her interest in helping people understand and manage challenges dates back to research she carried out in 1988 on how people cope. Her two Masters degrees and her PhD expanded on this work, exploring further the areas of stress, coping, prevention and resilience. Claire has developed a very clear and logical approach to helping people understand the basic principles of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), which has become known as ‘The Coping Triangle’ (©Hayes). She has written widely on how to help people cope with stress and has become a regular contributor to Irish national media including current affairs television and radio programmes and national press. Among her publications are ‘Finding hope in the age of anxiety’, ‘The professional’s guide to understanding stress and depression’, ‘How to cope. The welcoming approach to life’s challenges' and ‘Stress relief for teachers. The “coping triangle”’. 


Claire is delighted to be a participant in the session on wellness. She will draw on her combined thirty-five years of training and experience as a clinical psychologist, lecturer, author and teacher to explore the meaning of the language we use in relation to the challenges we experience and how we can overcome them.