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Pat Caslin

Pat Caslin is a chartered accountant, husband and father of three children. He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis twelve years ago, aged 47. Though he has needed a wheelchair for the last four years as his disease has become progressive, he views life with positivity, optimism and gratitude. 

Pat speaks openly and from experience on health and illness, on communication, on adversity, on education, on positivity, and on the importance of meaningful connectedness. 

Fergus Finlay, in his Irish Examiner editorial described Pat as ‘the healthiest man in the room’ following his 2018 TEDx talk entitled ‘Chronically Ill, Very Healthy’. He has also been described as ‘inspirational....not in the way of a loud motivational speaker, but in the way of a quiet mentor. In the way of a person you meet that will genuinely change the trajectory of your life’. Pat will speak on the resilience panel.