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Tine Bryan Stenbøl

Senior Vice President in Research & Development, Lundbeck Global

Advances in the treatment of depression. What’s next in treatment of depression?

Tine Bryan Stenbøl graduated from The Royal School of Pharmacy in Copenhagen in 1993, and continued her PhD studies in Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology within the glutamate field. After a post doc period focusing on glutamate biology, she joined Lundbeck in 2001 as a research scientist in the department for Molecular Pharmacology, acting as a core team member and later the project leader of one of Lundbeck’s most successful discovery projects in depression, a project that materialized 4 compounds for clinical testing. One of these (Brintellix®) has reached the market.


After numerous years in Research working as a Research Scientist, Project Leader, Head of Department, Director and Vice President and having responsibilities including scientific, managerial and strategic matters, Tine transitioned to Development to lead the Brintellix Science Team and was responsible for the development of Brintellix, working closely with their strategic partner Takeda. With Takeda, she successfully led the Lundbeck Brintellix team through an Advisory Committee (vote (8-2)), 2 CRLs and a successful dispute resolution which resulted in an inclusion of Trintellix effects on cognition in the USPI.


In addition to the above, she has led a European project under the Innovative Medicines Initiatives (IMI) initiative called NEWMEDS focusing on addressing bottlenecks in industry to enable drug discovery for improved treatments for depression and schizophrenia. NEWMEDS was co-funded by EFPIA and IMI, and involved 23 partners comprising pharmaceutical companies, small medium enterprises and leading academic institutions throughout Europe with a total of approximately 125 participating scientists. She was appointed member of the board for the Independent Research Fund Denmark in 2014.